This video and article serve to demonstrate how to connect GroovePacker and Amazon, to import orders.


  1. First, click on 'create store,' from the settings page:
  2. Then, give the store a name, and select Amazon from the store type dropdown.

  3. Accessing Your Amazon MWS Seller/Merchant ID & MWSAuthToken:

    To get your Amazon MWS Seller ID & MWSAuthToken, you must sign up to MWS. To register for Amazon MWS, sign up using the appropriate link for your locale:


    Click Sign up for MWS and then log in to your MWS account – or register if you don’t have a MWS account (you must have a Amazon Pro Seller account to register with MWS). Note, if it’s your first time registering, on your first login it may send you to your Amazon seller account; if this happens, just go back to the “Sign up for MWS” button using the link above and it will redirect you to the page displayed below:

    Select ‘I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS.‘ as shown by the screenshot below.
    Application name: GroovePacker
    Input ONE of the two developer account numbers below, depending which locale you are using…
    Developer account number: 1512-6494-8396
    Click Next.

    Agree to the terms on the next page to continue.

    Copy & save your ‘Seller ID’ and ‘MWSAuthToken’. You also need your Marketplace ID, and Seller ID.


  4. Put these into GroovePacker:

  5. And hit 'save and close.'

    Congratulations! It's now set up.