If orders are scanned after Shipping Labels have been created and you are not printing packing slips, or it's problematic to add an order number barcode to your packing slip, you may choose to have users scan the Shipping Label rather than the packing slip to cue orders.

To enable this option navigate to:

Settings > System >Scan & Pack

There you'll see a drop-down with the label "Cue Orders For Scan & Pack using" .

Changing this setting to Shipping Label will make it possible to cue the order by scanning the tracking number barcode on the shipping label. The third option will work for both the packing slip and the shipping label but this comes with a slight hit on search speed when cueing the order.


You'll need to ensure that the tracking number is being imported with every order before enabling this option. The barcode on the shipping label needs to include the tracking number that imports with the order. It doesn't have to be an exact match - as long as it's included in the barcode. If there are any issues with this, contact support and we can help you work through it. Some order sources have the option to require a tracking number on incoming orders. If your workflow requires that every order have a tracking number this is a good option to enable.