There are a number of actions GroovePacker can automatically perform immediately after an order is packed. This article elaborates on each of the Post-Scanning Functions.

To find the settings navigate to: 

Settings > System >Scan & Pack 

There you'll see two drop-downs for "Post-Scanning Functions" which default to none.

Each of these actions happens immediately after scanning - if none is chosen, GroovePacker prompts you to scan the next order. 

  • Shipping Label Verification is used when printing shipping labels before importing orders into GroovePacker. If this is done then the tracking information is available and can be imported into GroovePacker along with the order. You can see the tracking info in the order details, under order information. Now we can prompt the packer to scan the shipping label after the order is packed. We can check that the proper label is used.

  • Record Tracking Number is used when the shipping label is being printed after each order is packed. The order items are scanned and packed, then the shipping label is created, and the last step is to scan the shipping label to record the tracking number with the order record in GroovePacker. The tracking info can then be found under order information tab of the order or in a column in the orders table if it is set to be visible.  

  • Print Packing Slip is used if what's going in the order is decided when the order is being packed. This is a rare case, but GroovePacker can automatically print a packing slip that packers can stick in the box and then seal.

  • Print Order Barcode is used if packing, then sealing with packing slip in the box, and then order barcode is printed and placed on the box for processing. When you're ready to process, you'd scan the barcode and that'd queue the order in the order manager.