Since GroovePacker is web based it can run well on a variety of hardware. If you do not already have a computer for each packer many of our customers have found Chromebooks to be an inexpensive solution. Chromebooks are very portable, they have keyboards, and they support both usb and bluetooth scanners. They tend to remain fast because they have a minimal OS and they can be easily mounted to swing arms or mobile pick carts. 

There are models without touch screens:

And there are options with touch screens as well:

These mounts work well for chromebooks and other small laptops:

If you're looking for a reliable bluetooth scanner that is compatible with IOS our customers have four these scanners to be a great choice.

It is possible to run Scan and Pack on an iPad 3 or newer by logging in with the Chrome web browser. Although the iPad is not officially supported due to sound limitations we have setup the Scan & Pack section to work with the iPad screen dimensions and we have several customers using iPads for daily packing. We have a native IOS app in development which will provide a better user experience.

After IOS 9 you'll see shortcuts and predictive text features popup at the bottom of the screen while scanning. Disabling Predictive and Shortcuts options in IOS Settings > General > Keyboard will remove these and free up some screen real estate.