Since GroovePacker is web based it can run well on a variety of hardware. If you do not already have a computer for each packer many of our customers have found Chromebooks to be an inexpensive solution. Chromebooks are very portable, they have keyboards, and they support both usb and bluetooth scanners. They tend to remain fast because they have a minimal OS and they can be easily mounted to swing arms or mobile pick carts.

After the sun-setting of Google Cloud print it is no longer a trivial matter to print from Chromebooks. It is possible but you'll want to choose your printer based on Chromebook compatibility. Unfortunately, the Direct Print option is not supported on Chromebooks.

IOS and Android

With the release of GroovePacker X, you can now switch between Desktops, Laptops, and many different mobile devices. The performance will vary based on the device's specs. When choosing between various options look for devices with more ram and larger screen sizes. These are generally the bottleneck unless the wireless internet is poor. GPX has been optimized to provide fast scanning responses across many device types and conditions so it's best to test in your warehouse environment with the device you're considering. If you are using an IOS or Android device (or would like to use the latest scanning engine on a desktop or laptop) please see this article for instructions on accessing GPX.

Note: After IOS 9 you'll see shortcuts and predictive text features popup at the bottom of the screen while scanning. Disabling Predictive and Shortcuts options in IOS Settings > General > Keyboard will remove these and free up some screen real estate.