ShipStation allows you to customize your packing slip if you are an a Silver plan or above. By default you will have a "Scan to View" barcode on your ShipStation Packing Slip. This should be left in place, especially if you'll be creating Shipping Labels after you pack each order (instead of in batches before packing orders). It was previously necessary to add an Order Number barcode to the packing slip which was used by GroovePacker to display the order for packing QC. (Instructions Below) However, GroovePacker can now read the ShipStation "scan to view" barcode. This article shows how to enable this option.

Adding the order number barcode

The markup that needs to added to your template to print the order number as a barcode is:


<p align="center"><barcode size="medium" barcodetype="Code128A">[Order #]</barcode></p>


If you're not familiar with editing the ShipStation packing slip template this article will show you where to go. It's only the Footer that we'll need to edit.

Here is the markup to add the Scan to View barcode that you will likely find at the bottom of the footer:


<p align="center"><barcode size="medium" barcodetype="Code128A">[Barcode]</barcode></p>


Below is what it will look like when the html for including both barcodes is in place. A text label above each is also included to assist the picker/packer who is scanning:

<p align="center">GroovePacker<BR><barcode size="small" barcodetype="Code128A">[Order #]</barcode></p>
<p align="center">ShipStation<BR><barcode size="small" barcodetype="Code128A">[Barcode]</barcode></p>

The designation for using barcodetype (barcodetype="Code128A") is optional but has been recommended by ShipStation support so I've included it in the code above.

This is how it will appear in the Order Footer section of your packing slip template in ShipStation. 

Once these changes have been made you will likely need to assign them to your order channels before you'll see them take affect. Please see "Apply custom packing slip templates" in this help article here: 

Additional detail regarding the scan to view barcode can be found here: