To create a Magento API Connection to GroovePacker, in order to import orders, you can follow this article/video.


To connect Magento to GroovePacker, first you need a SOAP API user in Magento with full roles.

If you already have one that you would like to use please skip down to: "To add an API Connection to GroovePacker with your API User"

If you need to create one please start here:

1- Start out in your Magento administrative interface. 

2- Click System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles. 

3-  Add a new role, call it 'full,' and give it full permissions by going to Role Resources, hitting All, and hitting save.  

4-  With a new or existing role with full access, we click System > Web Services > Users

5- Add a new user, give them some credentials. 

Note: GroovePacker only requires username and API Key, so you can use some dummy info and a Username you'll remember, and an API key that you remember - longer keys are more secure.

6- Now we go to user role, choose the role with full privlages, and then click Save User.


To add an API Connection to GroovePacker with your API User:

1- Click on the 
Settings page, and then Create Store under Store Settings

2- We give the new store a name, and then select Magento SOAP from the Store Type dropdown. 

3- We enter in the Username and API Key from before. 

4- For URL, we use the full URL and then the base directory for your store - like /store or /shop, or whatever it may be. If your Magento store exists on the root of your domain,  just enter your domain.

5-  Click save and close, and it should now show active. When you click Import Orders in GroovePacker, it should begin importing the orders from Magento. 

That's all there is to it! Thanks!

If there are any complications in this process, do not hesitate to contact support - that's why we're here! 


If you have trouble importing orders and you know the steps were followed please check that the WS-I compliance setting is set to No:

System > Config > Services > Magento Core API > WSI Compliance

If it is set to Yes the import will not run. If other extensions require it to be set to Yes we will need to use the REST API rather than the SOAP API. Please contact support for instructions.