Printer Compatibility

By default, GroovePacker generates PDFs when you print barcodes, packing slips or pick lists. These PDFs can be printed from your browser or saved. Any connected printer that is able to print a PDF should be fully compatible. That said there are some printers designed for this type of printing and their performance, convenience and reliability are outstanding for the price. See our recommendations below.

All users also have access to Direct Print which allows the browser (instructed by GroovePacker) to send print jobs to an app running locally on your workstation which communicates with your printer. This eliminates the need to open a new tab in the browser before printing. You can learn more about the Direct Print option in this article

Printer Recommendations

There are a few items you may be printing in your warehouse. Some are better suited to thermal printing and others to laser printing.

Shipping Labels & Packing Slips: Usually 4x6" Thermal printers are recommended because there is no smudging due to moisture and no ink or toner to refill. You can find some options that are favored by our users on our quickstart page here.

Barcode Labels: If you need to apply barcodes to some or all of your items in-house, a thermal printer is again the way to go. The most common label size is 3"X1". You can find examples here.

Many small format thermal printers including the one below will accept label stock in both of these sizes. 

We have one for each of our packing stations 

and a backup in case one goes down. We never use the backup.

You may also need to print a receipt and possibly a pick list. These are often printed on standard 8.5 x 11" paper so a laser printer is the most common choice.