The order status switches in GroovePacker correspond to the order statuses in ShipStation - allowing us to control which types of orders are being imported, such as Awaiting Shipment, Pending fulfillment & Shipped. In most cases, you will have just one status switch enabled.

If orders are scanned prior to the creation of shipping labels you will import "Awaiting Shipment" orders. If shipping labels are printed before packing you will import "Shipped" orders. If you routinely import orders with both of these statuses then the Tag import is recommended.

If you are importing using the GP Ready tag, you'll disable all status switches and enable the Tag Import switch. Please see this article for more information on using the tag import.


-  A pending fulfillment status switch is available. This will be disabled unless required for Amazon orders.

- The Tag import now has it's own switch. It is recommended that you keep the switch disabled if you are using the status switches. If you need to import just tagged orders you can click the tag import icon in the import summary popup: