This video and article serve to demonstrate how to connect GroovePacker and ShipWorks, to import orders.


  1. First, click on 'create store,' from the settings page:
  2. Then, give the store a name, and select ShipWorks from the store type dropdown.
  3. Review the order statuses switch for which types of orders to import or not import. 
  4. If you're using a method where you hit a button in ShipWorks to send them to GroovePacker, you'd want to have all of these types be on.
  5. Copy the Authorization URL (Ctrl+C) and then paste (Ctrl+V) into ShipWorks, later.
  6. Click to create a new Action in ShipWorks. 
  7. You'll select a trigger for the Action to be fired, such as a button. Choose where to display the button, such as under the 'Home' tab.
  8. Now we'd select to Run these tasks:
    External -> Send Web Request
    Second option under Send the request: Using the results of processing a template
    The template is XML Source.
  9. Now we paste the Authorization URL from earlier into Request URL
  10. hit Okay.

Now we select some orders that we want to send to GroovePacker, such as under the home tab - there will be a custom GroovePacker button. If we click this, then look at GroovePacker, we'll see the orders coming in. Success!