If you scan an order number barcode or you type in an order number and GroovePacker Lite does not display there are a handful of things we can check.  Nine times out of ten the steps below will help you quickly zero in on the issue.

Note: Most of the time the order number is used to display the order but it is also possible to use the tracking number. I'll use the order number in the example below but similar steps can be applied with the tracking number. 

Step 1

Navigate to the Orders section and click on an order number of an order that is not scanning.

Double click the order number to highlight it and copy it to your clipboard.

Step 2 

While you're here please quickly check that the order is not Archived. If it is, you'll see "Archived" just after the status. If the order is archived, that is the problem. Please see this article to prevent auto-archiving in Shopify.

You can also glance at the order Tags. If GPSCANNED is among them that indicates the order has already been scanned and can only be scanned again if the tag is removed. 

Lastly, you can check the number of unique items in the order. If there are more than 25 unique items in the order this could prevent the order from opening as expected due to the Shopify API call limit. Disabling the Location display will reduce the number of API calls can may allow larger orders to be scanned.

Step 3

Navigate to the GroovePacker Lite home page where orders are scanned and paste the order number into the field. Press enter to submit it and see if the order is displayed. If it is, we know that GroovePacker Lite is functioning as expected and there is a good chance that either the barcode or the scanner has an issue.

Step 4 

If you're using the GroovePacker Lite packing slip we can assume the barcode is correct and the scanner is causing this issue. You can quickly test the scanner by using another scanner, preferably another make/model. If the other scanner works fine we can be pretty certain the problem is the first scanner. I would try resetting the scanner to it's default settings following the manufactures instructions which can be found in the user manual. If that does not work it will be necessary to reach out to the manufacture for help.

If you do not have another scanner to try, or if the other scanner has the same issue, the next likely offender is the barcode. If you're using the GroovePacker Lite packing slip the barcode please reach out to us using the Contact Support option on the GroovePacker Lite menu. If not, please continue with step 5.

Step 5 

If you're not using the GroovePacker Lite packing slip, the next step is to try using it to confirm that the barcode on your packing slip is the source of the issue. 

To print the default GroovePacker Lite packing slip please select the order and choose the Print option from the "More Actions" dropdown.

If you find that the GroovePacker Lite packing slip works as expected and the packing slip you are using does not, you can compare the output of both barcodes to learn more about the issue.

Step 6

Comparing the barcodes is super easy, just open Notepad or Notes (any text doc you can type in should work fine). 
Scan the barcode on the GroovePacker Lite packing slip and then scan the barcode on your regular packing slip.  If you see any difference you have found the cause of the issue. 

Step 7

Did you get through these steps without finding a solution? The issue you're seeing is unique. We should talk. =) Please reach out to GroovePacker support using the "contact support" option on the GroovePacker Lite menu and let us know you followed the steps in the Knowledge Base and it's still not working. We'll do our best to work with you and get it figured out.