The GroovePacker Lite Plus plan now allows you to save up to 3 locations for each of your Shopify products and product variants. These locations are displayed to the Picker / Packer during order scanning making it easy to find items in the warehouse.

Adding locations using GroovePacker Lite

Navigate to the Shopify products list. Here you can select a group of products using the search and any of the available filters to locate the products you want to edit.

With the products selected in the list, open the "More Actions" dropdown click the "Edit locations with GroovePacker Lite" option. 

The selected items and their variants will be listed in a table for editing. Just click in the fields to add or edit locations. It is also possible to edit the SKU and Barcode values. The Vendor can be edited for Regular items and Variant master items.

It is also possible to edit an individual product by choose the same option from the "More Actions" dropdown on the product detail page.

During scanning you'll see the locations displayed here:

Adding locations in bulk

There are a number of metafield editors available in the Shopify app store like Exelify and Metafields master. These apps allow you to import and edit metafields in bulk.

Location data can be added with these apps and displayed during scanning in GroovePacker Lite. 

For all locations choose the namespace: GPLOCATIONS

For the KEY use GP-L1 for location one, GP-L2 for location two, and you guessed it, GP-L3 for location three.