A Direct Link to GroovePacker Lite

If you're logged in to Shopify this first link allows you to begin scanning orders with just one click. Otherwise, you have to visit the Apps page first.

To set it up you can copy your GroovePacker Lite URL by right-clicking on the link here and choosing the option:

Just paste this URL into your browser to open it. Once it's open you can drag the "Secure Lock" icon right to your bookmark bar.

It's name will match your store name, To Keep thinks tidy you can right-click it and edit it's name:

Links to view Scanned and Unscanned orders in your Order List

It's easy to add direct filter links that will let you quickly view Scanned and Un-scanned orders:

First, open the GroovePacker Lite app and click the Unscanned Orders button:

You'll see the orders list is opened and the search/filter area should look like this:

This will show only orders that have not been scanned and do not have the "GPSCANNED" order tag. You can save this filter for easy use later by using the Save filters button. You can name it "Unscanned" or similar.


Next we can save another filter to view Scanned orders.

Just remove the minus sign before the search string and click the X beside the Status filter to remove it.

It will now look like this:

Use the save filters button to name it "Scanned" or similar.