Please visit this article for instructions on accessing and installing the mobile GPX app found at
(Please note, this app is not installed from the app store but rather directly from the browser.)

If you have verified the account name, username, and password are working fine on the legacy app, but they are not working at the URL above, or you see a Network Error message, please try "hard closing" the app and re-opening it. 

Performing a hard close and re-launch of the app:

1- With the GroovePacker app open on your device double press the home button.

2- When the screen changes to show the apps you have recently opened as tiles, swipe up on the GroovePacker tile to remove it from the list.

3- Tap the home button again and then tap the GroovePacker app to open it.

This process should clear any outdated cache info that could be preventing your login.

If problems persist please contact support so that we can assist.