Sometimes you may have a barcode that has a string at the end that identifies something other than what the product is - as in a lot number, or variation. If this suffix is not part of the barcode value that is imported with the product data correct scans of the barcode will not be recognized. In theses cases you can use Barcode Suffix Removal to tell GroovePacker to ignore everything after a sequence or string of characters and or spaces. This article will demonstrate how.


Navigate to:

Settings > System Settings > Scan & Pack Settings

There you'll see "Barcode Suffix Removal

After enabling the feature you can enter the escape string in the field provided. The string you enter and everything that comes after the string will be ignored.

NOTE: GroovePacker matches the string entered exactly, including any spaces you may need or may accidentally enter.

Say the product barcode value assigned to the product is TESTBC123. There is also a lot number attached to the printed barcode: 004. When the product is scanned the output is: TESTBC123--004.

 In this case you'll want to ignore the 004 and the -- that always comes before it so the -- should be entered in the field. 

You'll also see an option for "Record Lot Number". If you need to save a record of which lot numbers were shipped in each order, turn this option on and GroovePacker will record the lot number along with the rest of the order info so that it can be exported to a CSV.