You can turn Click Scan on, off, and on with confirmation - for each individual product. This article illustrates how.


1. Navigate to:

Settings > System Settings >Scan & Pack Settings

2. There you'll see "Click Scanning - Per Product Setting

3. You can now turn Click Scanning on, off, or on with confirmation - which requires confirmation every time you use Click scan - for all products, or for each product individually.

4. You can search for items, and set the setting how you'd like.


To read more about using the Click Scanning feature, you can refer to This Article on Using Click Scan.

The "on with confirmation" option can be used for two scenarios:

1- You only wish managers to be able to click-scan items. In this scenario you should enable the click-scans with confirmation. The "strict confirmation codes" option should also be enabled.  The users will not be provided any confirmation codes. When a user needs to click-scan an item they will need to have the manager provide a barcode with the confirmation code, or manually enter the confirmation code to continue.

2- You would like users to be able to click-scan items but you would like to eliminate abuse my slowing the click-scanning process. In the scenario the user would each be given their confirmation codes so they can scan them to complete a click-scan. The additional scan makes it take longer than just scanning the item.